LeanSuite PRO

Production Management Tools That Work:
LeanSuite Pro is the perfect complement to LeanSuite Andon and enables a manufacturing company to evaluate the performance of their process by providing critical metrics such as availability, rate of quality, efficiency and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). In the often chaotic environment of high volume manufacturing, LeanSuite Pro offers your team a “North Star” to guide and focus continuous productivity improvements.    

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LeanSuite PDStore

Automatically Save Critical Files and Applications:  LeanSuite™ PDStore™ software is one of the best means of insurance users can adopt for their manufacturing process. Critical to the success of your manufacturing are all the applications stored in your PLCs and industrial PCs on your plant floor. PDStore compares and archives these mission critical items, allowing users to recover from catastrophe quickly and effectively. In addition, this software provides tools to manage revision changes.


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LeanSuite Data Diary

Configurable Logging of OPC variables.  Allows you to select variables within an OPC server and log those variables for analysis.  A simple and very effective tool to help troubleshoot those often difficult and intermittent process problems.

LeanSuite Data Dairy is also a great tool for logging process variable that can be analyzed by a variety of software tools.