LeanSuite Andon

LeanSuite Andon is a real-time workforce deployment tool and allows you to do more with less. This product enables a you to implement lean manufacturing in today’s competitive environment. Using visual and audio annunciation, your workforce can be free to focus on the process not just tied to specific machines, maximizing team efficiency.  LeanSuite allows you to do more with less by getting:

     The Right Person!
                  The Right Place!
                               The Right Time!

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LeanSuite NOW

LeanSuite NOW (Network Observation Window) gives you options for implementing the visualization component of workforce deployment. LeanSuite NOW is a configurable software based Andon Board that runs on today's popular LED Display Boards, Flat Panel Displays and Computer Monitors.  LeanSuite NOW allows you to find the best Andon solution for your manufacturing environment.

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