Definitions and Terminology used in Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Initiative Focused on Eliminating All Waste in Manufacturing Processes.
Andon The Principle of Enabling Production Workers to Halt a Process Before it Goes Out of Control. The Operator(s) then Fixes the Problem and/or Help is Forthcoming Before Production is Resumed. The Operator(s) are "Decoupled" from a Specific Machine and Work as a Team.  Andon in Japanese Loosely Translated Refers to a Warning Light.
LeanSuite Andon Lean Manufacturing Workforce Deployment Software.
LeanSuite PRO Lean Manufacturing Continuous Process Improvement Software
LeanSuite PDStore Lean Manufacturing Automation Controller & PC Application Protection and Archiving Software
LeanSuite SFE Lean Manufacturing MES Inventory Control and Product Tracking Software
OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness:

Quality * Performance * Availability

Quality Good Production / Actual Production  -- shown as percentage
Performance (Net Efficiency) Actual Production / Target Production -- shown as percentage
Availability Running Time / Available Time  -- shown as percentage
Target Production Scheduled Time * Production Rate
Production Rate 60 / Takt
TAKT Parts / Minute
Pareto Analysis A bar graph used to arrange information in such a way that priorities for process improvement can be established. A Pareto chart can be used to decide which subset of problems should be solved first, or which problems deserve the most attention.